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a challenge to drink 15 Dr. Peppers in less than 8 hours. After you finnished the last Dr. Pepper, you must run out to sombody and say "I must had me about 15 Dr. Peppers"
In addition, everytime you used the bathroom you must cite "Mr. President, I gotta go pee"

This challenge is homage to the movie
by Big Bubba B June 10, 2009
My future Invention. It will be bean and cheese burrito filled with nacho chips that you can dip into nacho cheese. Delicious
I want some nachos, no wait I want a burrito. No, now I got it. A Burricho
by Big Bubba B July 7, 2004
Fictional talk radio star of Grand Theft Auto. Often close minded and extream sarcasm.
Lazlow is the man
by Big Bubba B April 29, 2004
In the south, it is commonly used to describe a sheep-raper
Sometimes I wonder about our 'lil tommy when he goes out into the field with the herd. I think he might be a curle.
by Big Bubba B April 29, 2004
It's a restaunt that Elderly people must eat at in the early hours of the morning. If you deprive the Elderly of their Country Kitchen buffet they would wither away like a flower without sunlight.
"without country kitchen buffet, the old people will be powerless"- South Park
by Big Bubba B April 29, 2004
slang for "what is the matter with you". Often used in Mafia spoofs
Hey Don Tony, you no eat your Z. Whatsamaddayue?
by Big Bubba B April 29, 2004