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"Shit hits the fan"

"SHTF" or "When shit hits the fan" is a popular phrase referring to the ultimate situation in which a man would need to try and survive off the land. The collapse of civilization.

The phrase is commonly used among survivalists and generally most firearm collectors or outdoors man.

See: apocalypse, end of the world, FUBAR, Survive
Guy 1: "Hey, that's a nice machete.

Guy 2: "Thanks. I'll probably use this in a SHTF situation.
by BiGoDeViN October 06, 2012

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Jarateed or "Jarate" is a synonym for "Pissed off" or "Piss".

It was derived from Valve's game "Team Fortress 2" in which the character, Sniper, uses a mason jar full of urine. The in-game name for it is "Jarate" and upon throwing said jar the character will yell "Jaaarate!"

Jarateed is also a word replacement for "pissed" on the Steam User Forums. The word filter will replace "Pissed" with "Jarateed". Clever reference on Valve's part.

See: Hammer Legion Member, Pissed off
Guy 1: "That game really pisses me off!

Guy 2: "You mean Jarateed?"

Guy3: "Yeah, either way.
by BiGoDeViN September 29, 2012

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"Steamitis" is a common disease among PC gamers who use the service Steam by Valve.

The disease was first discovered when a player of 13 had acquired his Mother's credit card number during one of the first Holiday Sales. The child had purchased 437 games and only spent 39.00 USD. Since this event, anyone who purchases 15 games or more during a Steam sale of any kind has the disease Steamitis.

Symptoms include:
Loss of money
Limiting hard drive space
Sore eyes
Sleep deprivation
An 8 Steam rating or higher
Steam User 1: Man, there went my pay check already. And my hard drive is already low on space! What the hell happened?

Steam User 2: It's the Holiday Sale, man! I just bought five games for 55 cents.

Steam User 1: Fuck. I think we have Steamitis!
by BiGoDeViN January 26, 2013

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"Hammer Legion Member" is a synonym for "Fanboy". It was first coined on the Steam User Forums. To prevent the word "fanboy" from being overused, the word filter system for the Forums will turn "Fanboy" or "Fan boy" into "Hammer Legion Member"

See: Fanboy, Consoletard
Guy 1: "I love EA. They're the best company and no one can dispute this."

Guy 2: "Are you insane? Or just a Hammer Legion Member?"
by BiGoDeViN September 29, 2012

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"Woo Poo", "Woo-Poo", or "Woopoo" is a term or slang word often used in JROTC units among High Schools.

The term refers to the Military Academy "West Point" and is usually used by the JROTC's unit local "Woo Poo Prodigy" which is a kid, usually highly arrogant, who is or will soon be signed on with the Academy.
Cadet 1: Shit man, you seen the new kid?

Cadet 2: Who? The one going to Woo Poo?

Cadet 1: Yeah! Look at him, he has the Major kissing his ass! Literally!
by BiGoDeViN January 17, 2013

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A "Foot Job" is the act in which a woman will use her feet to stimulate a man's penis. This stems from the man having a foot fetish which causes the sexual attraction to a woman's feet. (Very uncommon but women can also have foot fetishes for men) A foot job is usually preformed with the soles of the feet but can be preformed with the toes also.

Other names for a Foot Job are:
Footy J
Foot J
High-Heel Slam Jam
John: Bro, did you score a foot job with Lisa last night?

Edward: For sure, dude. Her soles were so soft!

John: Nice!
by BiGoDeViN April 13, 2013

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"Saggot" is a play on words of actor Bob Saget who went from being a family-friendly Dad on the sitcom "Full House" to preforming very vulgar stand-up comedy. A "Saggot" is anyone who completely changes their styles or goes from one extreme to the next.
Guy 1: Yo, did you see Jerry at school yesterday?

Guy 2: Yeah, he went from being a super preppy fag to a super emo fag. It's ridiculous how easily he'll change.

Guy 1: He's such a Saggot.
by BiGoDeViN February 17, 2013

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