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"Steamitis" is a common disease among PC gamers who use the service Steam by Valve.

The disease was first discovered when a player of 13 had acquired his Mother's credit card number during one of the first Holiday Sales. The child had purchased 437 games and only spent 39.00 USD. Since this event, anyone who purchases 15 games or more during a Steam sale of any kind has the disease Steamitis.

Symptoms include:
Loss of money
Limiting hard drive space
Sore eyes
Sleep deprivation
An 8 Steam rating or higher
Steam User 1: Man, there went my pay check already. And my hard drive is already low on space! What the hell happened?

Steam User 2: It's the Holiday Sale, man! I just bought five games for 55 cents.

Steam User 1: Fuck. I think we have Steamitis!
by BiGoDeViN January 26, 2013
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