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leather sandals which enable arab bombers to flee the scene of the explosion without being seen. these are usually brown and rotten with a light smell of cheese and onion.
sadaam forgot his turbo sandals
by Benny 7588 July 18, 2006
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the word shits can describe many feelings, activities,quality of a product or object, people, and ofcourse bodily happenings.
here is a couple.

1. Shits(temper)-to be ticked of, substantially annoyed etc
2. Shits(activities) partaking in some activities can be said to be shits eg boring or annoying.you do not usually volunteer for these activities.
3.shits(quality)- in relation to the quality of a particular product or object.
4. shits (people)-people can be said to be "generally a shits person" these people have no friends and a more than likely the topic of the school's gossop.
5. shits (bodily happenings)-to have the shits. the intense need to excrete some solids, although may not necessarily be solids.
1. My computer gives me the shits.
2. school is the shits.
3. this $2 rolex is shits!
4. the kid with the stupid looking head with the faint smell of cheese about him is shits.
5. oh my god! my cabbage sandwhich has come back to give me the shits! i must leave to expell this disaster.
by Benny 7588 July 18, 2006
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a small 3 wheeled tricycle for children usually under the age of 4. this bike consists of one approximately 10 inch wheel with pedals at the front and 2 small 5 inch wheels at the back. the dinky may also have a small tray beneath the 2 rear wheels.
the dinky is usually blue in colour with a yellow or white, flat seat. these bikes can be ridden by adults for a joke or to take off a jump for fun.
the boy was very proud of himself. he was the only boy in the neighbourhood with a shiny new dinky, he could not wait to ride it.
by Benny 7588 July 18, 2006
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