6 definitions by Ben Verbeck

phrase used by marijuana users when expressing disappointment, shock, or amazement.
a replacement for the more commonly used oh my god.
Ex. 1.: Oh my ganj! I spilled the bongwater again!

Ex. 2.: My FedEx package from Vancouver came today, oh my ganj!
by Ben Verbeck December 16, 2007
a disturbing new trend in gay sex. a man with an erect penis inserts his member into his partner's flaccid wang. when performing this sex act, the man fucking the limp dick must be careful to not cum inside the shaft or the dude's gonna have massive blueballs and a veritable sperm turf war going on in his testicles.
I heard about dickhole fucking last night on Dateline, man I thought getting a q-tip shoved down my urethra was bad.
by Ben Verbeck December 16, 2007
a phrase used by ganja users to express disappointment, a play on the traditional Jesus H. Christ
Dad: Suzy, did you take the dog for a walk yet?
Suzy: Not yet dad, I will in a minute.
Dad: Cannabis H. Sativa, do I have to do everything around here?
by Ben Verbeck December 16, 2007
This is a church in which the belief system revolves around the practical and sometimes impractical use of cannabis sativa and indica. Much like the church of scientology, there is the use of stress tests at kiosks in malls, (they actually escort you outside to their 1974 Ford conversion van with the wolf howling at the moon paint job, and the stress test is just you hitting a vaporizer,) there are massive amounts of cash rolling into the church, and the church was founded by an egotistical writer by the name of B. Sam Verbeck. The differences lie in that the church of cannabinology is not anti-homosexual, it is not a cult, it's basically just a front for copious amounts of weed being dealt to the public with a tax free status. If you are to join the Church of Cannabinology, you'll see that many of life's problems go away when you get blazed and played Super Mario Allstars all day long.
Stoned dude: Oh my ganj! You gotta check out the stress test that the guys from the Church of Cannabinology are giving out!

Not stoned dude: You mean Scientology?

Stoned dude: No man, Cannabinology! Check out the kiosk, they blaze you out with a volcano vaporizer and some real heady nugs!

Not stoned dude: Cannabis H. Sativa! I'm there bro!
by Ben Verbeck May 7, 2009
this really isn't a hash at all. this is when you get some cum on your ganja and let it dry out so you can smoke it still
Dude 1: Man, this guy just had me smoke some French hash with him in the alley, and I'm high, but man, it tasted like lox.
Dude 2: Sick dude!
by Ben Verbeck December 16, 2007
Descriptive slang for vagina or slut.
1.) By the time I took off her pants her thrust hole was so wet that her panties were soaked through.

2.) That thrust hole has been with so many dudes, she's bound to have at least one VD.
by Ben Verbeck May 4, 2010