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(Pronounced 'foe man)

Looks like a man, but is in fact just a boy. Plural form is 'fauxmen.'

There are many expressions of fauxmenism, including sneaking things that they could manfully take, whining like a child to get their way, and neglecting a real classy woman while salivating after a cheap girl who gives herself to anything and everything. A fauxman may leave his loving, fit and sexy wife wanting while pacifying his sexual appetite with thoughts of sexual encounters with saggy, loose narcissistic females that don't give a care.
Sister: what's up with Katrielle? She seems a bit down.

Mom: she told me she's suffering from fauxmanitis, poor thing.

Sister: (looks quizzical)

Mom: you know... the inflammatory condition that comes from living with a "man" that chronically acts like a little boy. A faux man.
by Belch Queen December 02, 2018

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An utterance, voice, thought or dream that comes as one ages, that, even though logically one does not want a baby, urges one to be fruitful and multiply.
Aging woman: I had a dream last night that I was nursing a baby, and now I can't stop thinking about it. I want a baby so bad now.

Friend: Don't worry... that's just the bioclock speaking and doesn't mean anything.

Aging woman: (thoughtfully) I'm ovulating today...

Friend: You know you don't want that. Do not heed when the voice of the bioclock speaks!
by Belch Queen October 20, 2018

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A Holistic Steamroller is something that crushes your mind, body and spirit. It is an occurrence or person that is so devastating to one part of oneself that it crushes the others also.

For example, a physical accident or illness can be so destructive that it tears down the mind and spirit, too. Or mental abuse can lead to a physical and spiritual demise, as well. Likewise, some terrible atrocity that cuts down the spirit will also afflict the body and mind, crippling the emotional life and causing physical illness.
Example one:

Caring person: hey how are you?
Sad lady: I'm fine. No, not really. I've been hit repeatedly by a holistic steamroller and I don't see the point anymore. I'm in physical pain, my man cares more about gadgets, fantasy women and food than he cares for me, and my friends just want what they can get from me. I feel used and neglected at the same time.

Example two:

Caring person: hey How are you? I heard you were in the hospital...

Afflicted Man: (mocking) yeah, I'm great!! I can't work, had a seizure, found out I have a cancerous brain tumor, my wife is a drunk, we have three babies to feed, and nobody gives, or ever has given, a shit! Howdya think I am???!!!

Caring person: (to self) that's a holistic steamroll if ever I saw one...
by Belch Queen March 04, 2019

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Feeling knocked onto the butt, or bum, by circumstances. Synonym of down, dejected, sad or disappointed.
I realize my friend doesn't really give a shit, and now I'm bummed.
by Belch Queen February 10, 2019

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A forbidden friend is like forbidden fruit, you may look, you may even touch, but you mus'n't cross the line of "taking" for yourself.

A forbidden friend may be a best friend, or a friend admired from a distance. A forbidden friend is unique in that there is something that causes a roadblock to complete safety with that friend--most often there is attraction and intimacy, at the same time as the friend is unavailable as a lover--possibly due to prior commitment or lack of desire of total intimacy. This creates tension and complicates what should be an easy and fulfilling friendship. Sometimes the one that desires the forbidden friend feels like creating distance since they will not attain what they want, but that is a loss for both parties. Thus, forbidden friends may continue on a rollercoaster of deepening closeness and distancing until someone closes a door, or someone opens one.
"Who were you talking to?"

Me: just a friend...

"You sounded like it was someone pretty special, not 'just' a friend.."

Me: well, it was my forbidden friend. But I can't do anything about it, so he remains just a friend.
by Belch Queen April 29, 2019

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It means something similar to the traditional term saddened, but the cause of the state is specifically due to a miserable sod passing their misery to the soddened individual by some various means. Most often soddening occurs to those who love the sod or need something from the sod, to those who don't expect their beloved sod would choose to hurt them, and are made sick with the sodness of betrayal and abandonment by the unhappy sod.

The condition may be temporary. Sometimes those who experience it wise up. Other times healing takes place between sod and saddened. Unfortunately, often the soddened make a habit of falling prey to this condition.

This can happen to anybody, lovers, friends, or kids of miserable sods.
Her: What happened to Joelle? She is not herself these days.

Gossip monger: haven't you heard? Bruce just was being Bruce, and he's an unhappy ol sod, but she took it personally, and now she's totally soddened.

Her: Sucks to be her...

Bruce: (who happens to be walking by) Sucks to be me! Nobody cares how I was soddened!

Her: I thought Joelle cared...
by Belch Queen November 26, 2018

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A combination of penchant and enchanting. To have a knack for enchanting someone or something. Other forms of the word include penchanted and penchantment.
1) Angus winked at me and I was a goner... totally penchanted!

2) He took me for a walk and was so penchanting that I never wanted to leave.

3) She fainted out of the pure penchantment of the way he said her name.
by Belch Queen May 24, 2019

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