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Verb - to be watchful of something (such as money, water, energy, electricity, fuel, food, or any precious resource) so it does not go to waste.

Used in reference to a resource that is costly, but that many people have bad habits leading to the use of more than is necessary.
I am turning off the engine while waiting to wibby the gasoline in the car.

Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth is a way of wibbying water.

I wibbied the battery power by keeping my cell phone turned off in the mountains.

One way to wibby your money is to keep your air conditioner off while on vacation.

Instead of wasting it, we wibby it.
by Bed time May 01, 2010

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A place where chametz (and non-Passover dishes) are stored during Passover.

Jewish law requires Jewish people to refrain from ownership of chametz during Passover. Chametz owned by a Jew before Passover may be kept for use after Passover if it is sold to a gentile. If so, it may remain in the Jew's dwelling if stored out of sight.

In some homes, the area the owner has designated for storage looks like a monster mouth, hence the name "chametz monster."
We must put all our chametz in the chametz monster.
by Bed time April 14, 2010

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A person who likes to shop or hang out at Wal-Mart a lot.
She is such a walnut.
by Bed time March 31, 2010

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A group of trucks (minimum one per lane) on a limited access highway that are traveling side by side at the same speed or close to it, thereby making it difficult or impossible to pass.

Portmanteau of "truck" and "blockade." The idea originates from the blockades in the game of parchesi. See also Parchesie Block.
I cannot go any faster because of the truckade in my way.
by Bed time May 23, 2010

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A neurological condition in which a patient suffers sporadic outbursts of anger starting in one's middle age.

Sufferers are known to be calm throughout their lives and never get angry until some time in their 40s thru 60s. This all ends with an outburst of verbal anger, typically directed against those known to the patient, in which victims feel threatened.

After first outburst, a few years will typically pass until the next outburst. Intervals between outbursts will divide in half from then on, until patient becomes unmanageable and must be institutionalized.

There is no known cure or treatment for this condition.

Not inherited, but occurs in white and black people, mostly those of Slavic, Mediterranean, and African descent, and never in Asians or Native Americans.
My brother had to be put in a nursing home because he had Gruv's Disease.
by Bed time May 25, 2010

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A public bus (usually an intercity route) that has no bathroom and that goes for a significant amount of time (say an hour or longer, sometimes several hours) without making any stops to allow passengers to use the restroom.

These buses are called pooping buses because not everyone can hold it in for the long ride, leading some passengers to go in their pants.
When riding on a pooping bus, wearing a diaper is recommended.
by Bed time June 21, 2010

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Faking the appearance of a disability by walking with or carrying a cane when not needed.

Common and easy to pull off because canes are cheap, and can cost under $10.

Usually done for the following reasons:
-To gain sympathy from onlookers
-To get a physician to declare one disabled
-To obtain a handicapped parking permit
-To be given priority in line or obtain priority seating reserved for the disabled (such as on a bus or train)
-To use electric shopping carts reserved for the disabled when in reality too lazy to walk
-To fraudulently obtain various disability benefits such as discounts or government handouts
I think my neighbor may be committing cane fraud. She sometimes walks with a cane and appears to struggle, and sometimes runs out to her car with no cane as if she is in a hurry to get somewhere.
by Bed time July 26, 2010

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