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A man who lavishes a woman with money,gifts,etc.
The other day,my sugar daddy payed for my college tuition.
by BeBe April 09, 2003

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1) very hot especially in bed
2) smart (copy her notes)
3) one word SEXY!
DAMN MADINAS FINE! iwant to do her right now
by bebe September 23, 2004

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One of the sexiest men in korean entertainment with everchanging hair styles, and he's best known for his dancing abilities. A member of Shinhwa, now launched his own solo career M.
You: Have you heard Minwoo's album M?
friend: of course!
by bebe January 01, 2004

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A big nasty girl who still is a ho despite the fact that people don't wanna get a piece of her nasty booty.
Damn! That skankasaurus really has to put some clothes on before she makes me throw up!
by Bebe February 14, 2005

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'peer' in french
je vous aime, mes comrades!
by bebe June 10, 2004

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later a person was so lazy to type out later that they wrote l8ta
iight son talk to u l8ta
by bebe March 09, 2005

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The toughest, most feared gang to roam the streets of Great Neck. L-Scene and KPF have no shit on the Cary Clique mothafuckas. They shit all over the other Great Neck streets like it's their fucking job. They run Great Neck and fuck mad bitches.
Oh shit run, the Cary Clique is comin' and they got their glocks!
by Bebe February 19, 2005

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