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A form of inhumanity, believed to have been outlawed by the Geneva Conventions (See Hell). The longer one spends in a so called "Educational Facility," the worse the mental capacity, attention span, and overall health become (See Death). It is a common belief that once one is out of said facility, they are free to do whatever they wish. This is Bull Shit. The extended residence at one of these locations (See Failure) can lead to Suicide. Common side effects of high school include Insanity, Drug abuse and losing The Game. All in all, high school is a fate worse than Barney.
Person 2 - (shakes head) "High School"
B) High School Musical 3
by BEAST_modez October 07, 2008
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A set of mental images used by a member of the male sex to lose an erection that appears at an inappropriate or awkward time.
Oh no! A boner right before my Biology presentation? Time to employ my erection rejection selection!
by Beast_modez November 07, 2009
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A simple and efficient way to both insult and mock somebody. Used when he or she makes a huge mistake, does something stupid, or otherwise deserves to be served.

Note - If a question mark is placed at the end (Bitch Got Served?) then it shows curiosity on the part of the questioner as to whether or not the bitch in question did, in fact, get served
1) "You dropped ice cream down your pants?! Bitch got served!"

2) "You fell? But was it funny? Bitch got served?"
by Beast_modez June 17, 2009
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Ferrets are the current greatest threat to humanity. They currently control 51.3% of the worlds' oil supply and 73.6% of all known uranium sources. While ferrets appear kind and cute, they are actually plotting vengeance for all the inhumanities they have lived through. It is a little known fact that ferrets were the first troops drafted during the Vietnam conflict and were also forced to use segregated areas during the 1920s. The majority of ferrets are not violent, and would rather forget the past atrocities, but there are a few powerful radical sects that are believed to have been behind attacks on Madrid, London, New York and Mexico City. They have a vast information network, and experts at the CIA, KGB and MI6 have yet to crack the codes that they use.
President John F. Kennedy was killed by ferrets
by Beast_modez October 28, 2008
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When faced with a tough decision, Going Arbitrary is asking an otherwise illogical question to make the decision for you. Optimally, the question should be connected to the decision in some way, though this is not necessary.
Person A) "Beef patty or chicken patty... I don't know! I'm going arbitrary. Exploration or flying houses?"

Person B) "Flying houses"

Person A) "Chicken patties it is!"
by Beast_modez June 18, 2009
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The infamous raised eyebrow look. Used while IMing for AIMuendo. Originally created to show slight disbelief, in the eyebrow rapidly evolved to have a perverse connotation.
1337haxxor: my project is due 2morro and the table has crap on it!
1337haxxor: i cant do it on the floor! its 2 hard!
pwnagemaster: ^.-
by BEAST_modez June 11, 2008
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To have a fuck buddy, or any other female who one has sex or sexual relations with, stolen by someone else.
Your girlfriend is sleeping with Tom?! Dude, you got pussy jacked!
by Beast_modez June 17, 2009
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