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Defined in Canada in 2009-2010 to describe Conservative party supporters who blindly (like robots) support the dictums and policies of the current Conservative leadership.

These are persons who repeat catch phrases, simplistic policies without defending them with analysis or justification. They tend in droves to news web sites where they comment en masse to castigate opposing views without argument or defending their policies, using repetition and slurs to make their case.
Most Canadian Conservative cabinet ministers are Conbots. Everything for them is scripted by the Prime Minister's Office.
by Maison Delafleur March 18, 2010
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A type of weasel, usually seen in small burrows. It is known for its incredible stupidity and its amazing ability to be terrible at anything and everything it does. The Conbot is one of the few natural examples of a jackass of all trades. The singing of the Conbot is lethal to all those who hear it.
Frank was found dead after listening to a Conbot rendition of Hey Jude
by Beast_modez June 11, 2008
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The most awesome name ever. Short for Connor, it can only be used to describe people who are short, smart, and bear a resemblance to Chicken Little.

An amazing person who is a little slow sometimes but very sweet.

Conbot is not to be confused with Concow, Conweasel, Condumb, or Connorbabes.

Connor: "I am the walrus, I am the eggman..."
Person A: "'re ruining that song! AGAIN!"
Person B: "Stop singing before my ears start bleeding! Pleeeeease."
Person C: "It's okay, we love you Conbot."
by zwillinger321 June 10, 2008
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