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A misspelling of conniption - an irrational outburst of anger and/or violence.
That guy has a nasty temper - he's prone to having conniptions (kiniption).
by BeardedOne July 15, 2010
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A euphemism for sourcing television shows from peer-to-peer networks, most notably BitTorrent, but also other protocols such as USENET, for the purposes of watching them outside of when they were broadcast by television networks.

This euphemism developed from forums which outlawed direct discussion of piracy of television shows from the internet, despite multiple members of those forums freely engaging in such piracy and discussing it openly.
I missed watching my favourite television show, but fortunately it's still playing on Channel BT.
by BeardedOne April 14, 2010
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A man of immense power and might that has a magnificent ginger beard and can not feel pain. This man sometimes is mistaken as Jesus, but undoubtedly has the means to destroy the world. A man of this power is rare to find and often has the intellect to make his plans go through.

Someone of this power can complete extreme tasks such as:
breathing fire
throwing cars
reading minds
predicting actions
time traveling

and even solving a rubik's cube
"holy shit is that 'The Bearded One'"
*shits oneself*
by BeardedOne July 20, 2015
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