10 definitions by Beadle

Also know as THE shame, when something is shamefull.
Oats: Lisa's not coming to your house now 'cause Dan's got borbons at he's.

by Beadle September 29, 2003
Used to denote an innuendo.
Lisa: I always come in and out.

Tom: Kneealp!
by Beadle September 29, 2003
Of Rock: Grunge.
A Rocker who listens to the sub-genre of Rock 'N' Roll known as Grunge.
I listen to Grunge, therefore I'm a Grunger.
by Beadle September 26, 2003
Ask Daniel I don't even know.
Martin: Footsteps! Do you, hear, foot, steps?

Josh: A bit like a chimp?

Martin: No, more like a hamster.

Josh: What, like a turbo hamster?
by Beadle September 29, 2003
Slang invented by Max Hitchings for his play Price Of Enlightenment meaning Police Station.
Imo: Well, first she bottled the manager, then she quit.

Greg: Jesus, Lucy!

Lucy: Well, he deserved it. Pervert.

Greg: Jesus Lucy, you’ll be in the sty by tomorrow!
by Beadle September 29, 2003
A shoe that has lost it's SOLE mate, ha ha. A disgarded lonely shoe, that can be seen on any street across the nation, symbol of disposible society.
You know, there’s a lot of things wrong with the world, famine, war, slavery, rape,
abuse, drugs, the list goes on. But let’s not talk about them; let’s talk about the serious
stuff. For instance, The One Shoe.
by Beadle September 30, 2003
Measurement of time created by SWATCH. 1000 beats in a day, metric time.
Josh: How many beats is it man?

Martin: De beats char! It’s saying eight six five, it’s fucked; it’s out of sync or something.
by Beadle September 29, 2003