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Do the math is something people with money say to people without money. This implies that they have what they have because they are good at budgeting. Actually, it’s the silver spoon phenom. They enjoy judging the have nots for how they spend what little they do have.
Do the math. You camped for free but paid to take the bus instead of walking ten miles. You’re terrible with money. Whereas I booked my $350 a night hotel room on Priceline and had a promo code that gave me savings using money I inherited from yet another relative. Because I’m really good at math.
by BeStill December 1, 2019
Ella loves to be surrounded by beauty- in children, nature, art, music. She needs a beautiful friend. Ella is prioritizing being a mother and open to opportunities that will allow her to do that. She needs a home she feels safe in and she needs a friend to show her the way to this wonderful home and a calmer yet still fun way of living and loving. Feel free to join me in this home, friend!
Ella is amazed by the people that have been on her life path, however short or long they joined her on it. She wants to work with you and spend time with you, but really needs her cutie patootie by her side as often as possible first! So she needs to get settled!
by BeStill December 3, 2019
Jews for Jesus. You can be a true Jew and love Jesus. Jesus was a Jew!
Jay is a big Jew for Jesus. He married Jesus because the big J is Jay’s bae.

When she prays, she prays to all the names of God and Jesus and more.

They held hands in bed and that’s all. Because Jews for Jesus.
by BeStill December 5, 2019
Joe is a jackass. Wears too much eyeliner but can’t pull off the Prince look. Only Prince can do that. Jackass. Who cares how big it is when he acts like that. And no I don’t know if it’s big or not so don’t ask.
Joe don’t be a jackass in front of the kid. People are here for the music not you. Jackass.

She used to distract herself from stress and overwhelm by obsessing over Joe. Now that show knows that love is not the point for most people that enter a relationship of any sort, she’s over all.
by BeStill December 5, 2019
Joe. If you are very quiet in a room with Joe you can hear him talking. And he can hear you.
Joe doesn’t like puppies.
by BeStill December 4, 2019
He was raised on nothing but scrounged up enough to be a shoe shiner.

She impressed him with her resourcefulness as a shoe shiner so after she made his shoes look spiffy and new again he tipped her big time.
by BeStill December 4, 2019
I’m a ma and when I walk by people say p-u. So I thought if I wore Pumas they would say hey nice kicks and not notice the bo. It’s working!
The new Puma ads are sick!
by BeStill December 3, 2019