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Seeing someone as a crackhead depends on your background and perspective. Some people see people that drink caffeine, smoke cigarettes or buy scratch tickets as crackheads. Other people only see people that actually use crack as crackheads. People do not intentionally become crackheads. They are tricked into it. Please understand this. Nobody goes around asking to start being a crackhead. It is started for them and then continues by the crackhead maker, the crackhead’s lack of access to resources, etc.
She smoked left over butts because she was broke and then got called a crackhead.

She cherry picked cuz she was super thrifty and oops some butts were dipped. Crackhead.

She walked five miles a day for a week, drank too much coffee, ate really really well, and had so much energy people said- whoa. Crackhead energy.

She was a fast talking East Coaster who had recently moved to a chill island and when she opened her mouth people said- crackhead.

Her boyfriend had plans to pimp her out so made her a crackhead.
by BeStill December 01, 2019

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Lani, sweet child of mine! M knows the ocean of possibilities for us still before her and you! You give her hope, happiness and fulfillment and she can’t wait to lay her eyes on you!
Lani is heaven sent.
Lani is so beautiful.
by BeStill November 30, 2019

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Jenny is a sister to all, a role model and a badass. Make you go gay.
Jenny thank you for trying to help but it was a lost cause at that time.
by BeStill December 02, 2019

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Ella loves to be surrounded by beauty- in children, nature, art, music. She needs a beautiful friend. Ella is prioritizing being a mother and open to opportunities that will allow her to do that. She needs a home she feels safe in and she needs a friend to show her the way to this wonderful home and a calmer yet still fun way of living and loving. Feel free to join me in this home, friend!
Ella is amazed by the people that have been on her life path, however short or long they joined her on it. She wants to work with you and spend time with you, but really needs her cutie patootie by her side as often as possible first! So she needs to get settled!
by BeStill December 02, 2019

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Jews for Jesus. You can be a true Jew and love Jesus. Jesus was a Jew!
Jay is a big Jew for Jesus. He married Jesus because the big J is Jay’s bae.

When she prays, she prays to all the names of God and Jesus and more.

They held hands in bed and that’s all. Because Jews for Jesus.
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by BeStill December 05, 2019

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She had felt that something was missing for decades. She sought to fill the missing pieces with work of passion. To change the world in a way she couldn’t change this feeling of loss. Of Lost Children. her lost children. her sons. Childhoods she will not know. In a world gone mad she sought to be love and light. Stronger now she can fight but would rather not have to be constantly prepared for war.
She dreams of a reunion with her Lost Children. Has the world found her lost boys and surrounded them in warmth and love. Tears emptied under a wobbly shower head.
by BeStill December 05, 2019

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A resourceful person is a shoe shiner.
He was raised on nothing but scrounged up enough to be a shoe shiner.

She impressed him with her resourcefulness as a shoe shiner so after she made his shoes look spiffy and new again he tipped her big time.
by BeStill December 04, 2019

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