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Capital of Lebanon.
One of the clubbing spots of the middle-east. No sand dunes, no camels and no tents, but lots of upclass places for rich saudi tourists to spend their money at.
Most practiced sport: freestyle driving.
I was in Beirut. The traffic is insane and they have this restaurant in front of the US Embassy called "snack my pie" (that's true!).
by bboy November 24, 2004

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A piece of poo that look like a bird. Some people crap out clay and shape it into a poojay so they can be proud to say they have made a poojay but ther really didn't and they are a failure. You can also shit out ziploc bags and tissue paper.
Jon just missed to toilet with his poojay. Aw Jon, now it's all over the ground.
by Bboy May 14, 2004

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A town right smack in the middle of Alberta Canada, This town has suffered many wildfires, one recently being the second worst didsaster in Canadian history, which destroyed almost half the town, then about a week after the residents of this town were allowed back from an eleven day evacuation, it flooded.
*Lesser Slave Lake*
by BBOY March 02, 2012

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a person who is really gay and thinks their a dope breakdancer but in reality just a homo.
Man that fool thinks he can dance but hes wack as hell...he must be a connektz
by Bboy March 21, 2003

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a dope ass bboy and dancer
Man you're dope at breakin' you must be a WtheWeird.
by Bboy March 21, 2003

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When something is purchased without the buyer having to pay for it. Typically these purchases are made with a credit card.
Friend 1: Daamn, that shit's expensive.
Friend 2: That's straight, (takes out parent's credit card), I'll just charge it to the game.
by bboy January 27, 2005

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The German language.
Paul is learning Brainfuck. Either he is a masochist or he has way too much free time on his hands.
by bboy December 28, 2018

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