78 definitions by Batman

Something that keeps you from getting action.
That bitch scares all the other chicks away! She's a total cock block.
by Batman November 10, 2001
1. Really, seriously, incredibly drunk.
2. Relatively more drunk than one who is trizzarkled.
Fuzznashiznickled as ever, the sot exclaimed, "Hey, man. Your clock won't flush."
by Batman July 1, 2004
A stupid 'smiley' used by japanese obsessed westerners over the internet
If this stupid fucking face was a person, I'd kick it in the back of the head
by Batman January 25, 2005
Mike: i got an A on my math test!
Matt: way to go, you're a real Walpole!!
by Batman March 6, 2004
A very nice guy. He's particularly good with the ladies, and knows how to please a woman, he is very handsome and athletic and pretty much wins at life. His schlong is a lady killer and if you have a Grayson, make sure to keep him!
"Is that God's brother?"
"No, that's just Grayson"
by Batman June 2, 2014
1.(verb) to pwn, and also to gain legal custody of.
2. being sonned
1. I want to son you, so I can take you to school.
2. to son or not to son?
by Batman February 21, 2003
An Orlanda.

She is ditzy short and sometimes really blonde. She has the tendency to go for old ladies. She likes to eat there spaghetti.
My name is Orlanda, I like to eat sghetti with naked old ladies.
by Batman September 7, 2004