4 definitions by BatBoy

A fusion of the words brutal & beautiful.
gawsh daym that breakdown was brutifully done!
by BatBoy November 24, 2013
A White Rabbit that you might follow by instinct.
Keep chasing the wabbit, should lead you straight to Malice!
by BatBoy November 24, 2013
A fan of the Deathcore band Dawn Is Our Enemy. DIØE
Damn that kid is pig squealing really loud, what a dawnisaur!
by BatBoy October 24, 2013
A satellite of the Amsterdam motive in Oakland, California. More than just a nickname for over a decade, also a new home for clinics, dispensaries, collectives, and subscribed club's & cafe's. For what was initially a cultural district, it founded it's own Medical Cannabis University in 2007.
Oaksterdam is amazing, there should be an Amsterland in the Netherlands as equal tribute.
by BatBoy November 25, 2013