By definition, deathcore is a hybrid of metalcore and death metal. Deathcore bands typically sound like deathgrind bands with a heavy influence from modern metalcore with frequently used staccato, syncopated open-note breakdowns and metalcore screams. A vocal technique used in deathcore frequently is the pig-squeal, which is also used in other grind genres yet with a distinctively different sound to the technique. Bands such as Job For A Cowboy and Suicide Silence laid out the blueprints for the genre and spawned many other copycat bands. The Red Chord and a few other bands also helped to popularize the genre. Like metalcore and nu-metal, deathcore bands have received heavy criticism for supposed trendiness, lack of skill, and/or differences from "real" heavy metal bands/genres causing many bands to change to a pure death metal sound (Job For A Cowboy/Annotations Of An Autopsy) or a purely metalcore sound (Bring Me The Horizon).
by friendddddd July 13, 2010
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Deathcore is a style of extreme music often confused by its fans with death metal. Deathcore draws heavily from the "malcore" style of metalcore in the sense that elements of its sound, both in composition and production, are rejected by the more conservative metal culture (ex. death/black/thrash/sludge metal). Deathcore differs from metalcore in the sense that it is generally faster, more heavy, and tending toward darker themes such as are present in death metal. Deathcore is also notorious for the excessive use of breakdowns, an element also present (but less frequent) in death metal and other 'true' metal genres. Hardcore dancing, a dance style in which fans swing their arms and legs violently in rhythm, has become hugely popular among deathcore fans, and is a trademark of live deathcore shows.

Despite many fans' beliefs, deathcore is vastly different from traditional death metal. Musically, the deathcore song structure is generally much more formulaic than that of death metal; songs tend to have one or two guitar riffs, several breakdowns, and possibly a chorus. Deathcore composition is also much less complex, many songs featuring doubled guitar parts or simple guitar harmonies, with the bass guitar being almost entirely indistinguishable.

Possibly the biggest difference between the two genres lies in their production. Deathcore is produced similarly to metalcore in many ways. Clean guitar parts, extremely balanced guitar and vocal tracks, as well as heavily mastered drum tracks tend to cause deathcore and metalcore to sound much like popular hard rock music in terms of production.
1. (deathcore fan): "you don't understand man, job for a cowboy is not at all a deathcore band... they're totally death metal"

(death metal fan): "well i don't really know their music that well but I'm about 99% sure that if i played Suffocation's 'pierced from within' album alongside anything job for a cowboy has put out, it would be pretty clear that they are in fact death core"

(deathcore fan): "..........."

2. "Dude did you see Whitechapel when they opened for c
cannibal Corpse? Talk about a shitty ass deathcore band. I mean, they have three guitar players and they're all playing the same part ?!?!? And I'm pretty sure one of their songs was just four breakdowns in a row."
by Jeffers Morning August 2, 2009
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Contrary to what most people believe, deathcore is actually death metal fused with METALCORE; not hardcore. There is a difference.

Deathcore features breakdowns, heavily palm muted riffing, death growls, pig squeals, and technical awesomeness.

Some examples of dXc bands are Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Job For A Cowboy (pre Genesis), Whitechapel, Elysia, and Knights of the Abyss.
Deathcore. Yeh. Thumbs up :
by MelbourneDeathcore December 22, 2007
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A hybrid of multiple subgenres of metal which of become over analized and labeled with the suffix -core
Joe: hey mike you hear the new here comes the kraken song?
mike: no i dont listen to deathcore i only listen to hardcore metalcore and emocore
Joe: Hey mike?
mike: yea?
Joe: Your a close minded fucking idiot stp labeling music
mike:yourright i should go shootmyself in the face itll be br00tal
by metalguru6757 July 23, 2010
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A watered down form of death metal for teenagers with assymetrical haircuts.
Despised Icon were a trademark deathcore band before they broke up in 2008. They were known for their two singers who favored wigger-like dressing style and hand gestures.
by Xfing February 6, 2011
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A great genre of music that fuses metalcore with death metal. Though it is a great form of self-empowering music, deathcore fans are often falsely accused of being "scene fags" by haters who don't know what they are talking about.
Deathcore fan: "Man I miss Mitch Lucker. Suicide Silence is one of the best deathcore bands and now their vocalist is dead"
Douchebag: "You're a scene fag. Why would you listen to this?!"
Deathcore fan: "Actually I just have a different musical taste. Why would you waste your time judging and posting negative comments on YouTube?"
Douchebag: "I need to get a life..."
by bluntnickel June 24, 2014
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A label that is given to sub genre of metal and metalcore. The term is subjective, and over used. Any video on youtube of a "deathcore" band wil have an argument of if the band is deathcore or not. Being a fan of bands like Behemoth which has had a few break downs (i.e "The Reign ov Shemsu - Hor") And Hell Followed With, and Fleshgod Apocalypse. I like both categorizes of music and i think their is talent in both genres. I don't like the term deathcore, its used by elitist who feel the need to categorize music even further and label the fans as "scene kids". People categorize deathcore as having breakdowns, blast beats pig squeals, and guttural vocals.
douchebag: Hey bro most of those deathcore bands suck, and have no talent.

Guy2: have you ever listened to any besides suicide silence, and BMTH? Try Whitechapel, or Despised Icon their acctually good.

douchebag: NAW man thats pussy HXC, scene fag shit!

Guy2: your an idiot
by ov black July 29, 2011
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