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Dated. Behind the times. Out of fashion.
Did you see the guy at the AMWAY conference wearing the short sleeved button down with the tie? I think his hair was sprayed on. That is so "Yesterday".
by Bartendress February 01, 2006

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When a person is traveling and they fall apart. This person attracts attention to himself or herself because they have lost their edge. Their friends flee immediately.
I am out of here. We are in Prague and Ryan is having a Global Meltdown and yelling at the nice waitress. Get him a broom to pick up his scattered mental pieces and have him call me tomorrow when he has his s*&# together. Unacceptable.
by Bartendress February 01, 2006

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When a lame friend won't let a good looking guy hang out with her friend
I wanted to talk to the hot friend, but her lame friend cock blocked me and told me that they were leaving.
by Bartendress January 29, 2006

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