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A really confusing person, likes to talk deeply when they're talking to someone. Their voice is high for their age, but talks deeper.
Cmon dude, you're talking so deeply. Don't be an Andrew Kronenbitter
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by Bantsy September 18, 2019

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Carter Budreau is a really dumb mental person, has no friends and sucks at golf.
You are terrible at golf. Don't be a Carter Budreau
by Bantsy May 08, 2019

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A really good farmer that likes to play farming simulator. They also like to rip fish apart at bonfires. Their swing got broke by two big nibbas.
Dude, stop trying to til the dirt, you're being a Jacob Carr right now.
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by Bantsy September 24, 2019

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The best teacher of all time, puts up with the dumb kids that think they're too cool to follow the rules. Lets you on your phone if you're done with all of your work.
Bro! Mr Coward was being a Greg Hines today!
by Bantsy October 03, 2019

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A really smart and handsome young man that likes to play video games, like Grand Theft Auto. Thorne Kovacs also likes to drive around his golf cart even when his grandparents don't allow it. Also owns a tesla roadster.
Stop driving around in the golf cart without our permission, you're being a Thorne Kovacs
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by Bantsy September 25, 2019

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