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A fast forward/backward movement of the hips, usually in sexual activity.

Scientists are currently proving that every human male goes through a "thrusting stage" slightly before he hits puberty and throughout his early teenage years.

A movie called "The Thrust" is currently being filmed on such phenomenon.

Hip thrusting is also a popular sports celebration and on some sports occasions, it is illegal to thrust more than 2 times.
Man, check out those hips. They can sure thrust
by BallHawk360 March 28, 2017

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A term for an extremely sexy female ass! Especially when it sits in yoga pants or jean shorts.

Originated when 2 teenage boys were pointing out some hot girls at a festival "dude check out that ass at 2:30"... The ass was so hot that the boys used "230" as a code word for a hot girl's ass.
230 blue shorts at 6 o'clock
by BallHawk360 May 01, 2017

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Slang word for "Condom" (Plural: BJ Bens).

Originated in the southern part of North Carolina USA. Two desperately sexual teenage boys were talking about condoms, when their 6 yr old brother heard them, he couldn't stop using the word "condom" "condoms" "condom king". The two teenagers had to quickly find a substitute word, before their mother heard "Ben" (The 6 yr old) talking about an inappropriate definition. The boys quickly came up with the word "BJ Ben" and told him "BJ Ben is the real word for condoms, use that".

The word has spread vastly across the U.S and is being regularly used as slang in the east and western parts of the U.S.
Hey baby, should I put on a BJ Ben in case I ejaculate inside you
by BallHawk360 March 28, 2017

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