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From what I've seen it appears to be a television show that is going for an amatuarish "waynes world" sort of comedy.Of course it fails on every level.It's just one of those shows that is so humourless that it makes you squirm in your chair.people who think adam sandler is a comedic genius will likely respond with burts of fake laughter while watching this crap.
bob:"What is this?"

bill:"I don't know"

bob:"Is this a real show?"

bill:"it sort of resembles one"

bob:"Jr digs?"

bill:"oh,yeah,I saw a few minutes last week,change the channel...."


by Balki January 25, 2004
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to pour acidic vomit from you stomach out your face.
when I was sick I puked on my pillow and woke up with stinky hair...
by Balki August 14, 2003
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an unschooled idiots mis-spell of "metroid Prime" One of the greatest games ever.
"Metroid Prime is dumb uh,uh,....uh putrid prime!haha!FUNNY!I'm not dumb though,because you should listen to my make-fun-of name for metroid prime!PUTRID PRIME!!!HAHAHAHA"
by Balki August 14, 2003
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phrase used in a game much like "punchbuggy" or "monkeys always look". Origin: l'oreal hair products advertisment.
you:"Hey jane?"
Jane:"Yeah?" (or) "what?"
you (pointing your finger at her much like the model on the l'oreal ad):"Don't wimp out!"

you win the stupid game!
by Balki August 14, 2003
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beyond adoreable,cute in the "baby-with-big-eyes" way.
That kitten is so dalivoghee!
by Balki August 14, 2003
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little yellow shit balls that rise from 'neath your face.
by Balki August 14, 2003
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