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Whenever your playing a console game vs AI, especially on Fifa, no matter how hard you try, you enevitably lose.
Baggamuss: Arsenal just won the game with a 95th minute goal..
Ed: Mate, you just got fifa'd!
by Baggamuss February 14, 2008

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A long curved knife that allows a woman to stare deep into your eyes while she stabs you right in the back.
Woman: "I love you.. but i'm sleeping with your best mate"
Banana Knife
by Baggamuss January 30, 2008

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A vindictive female of the species
Man 1: " Im really having problems with my gf"
Man 2 " Get rid of her, she's an Emotional Cancer Leach"
by Baggamuss January 30, 2008

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the one in your group who used to find himself trying to put a CD inside a radiator thinking its a CD player, whilst "dropping beans" (swallowing ecstacy) like they are Smarties.
Mick: Bean what u doin?
Bean: Just puttin a cd on
Mick: Thats the radiator Bean
by Baggamuss June 05, 2007

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