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The funniest, silliest, weirdest and most DISGUSTANG kid out there. He gets good grades but brags about bad things. He’s never had a girlfriend but tries flirting at least five times a day but sadly, always fails. BUT truly he is a great friend that everyone appreciates and he helps you have fun in your life.
Joe: Wassup Ladies......YEE
Ladies: *Snickering* “?????”
by BULLIN’ BOMM April 27, 2019
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Little Bill is a tiny little dude with a big mouth and big hands. If you run into a Little Bill you better get your butt out of there before he starts slapping you. Little Bill can be trained with lots of effort. Little Bill is such a big pain.
Donald:Yo is that a Little Bill??
Little Bill: Hehe *slap*
by BULLIN’ BOMM April 27, 2019
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famous minecraft tiktoker u can find her in lobby’s with wi1liam and scury
YellowCfaton184 was msmops #728295 final kill
by BULLIN’ BOMM December 10, 2021
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