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stubborn person who will not admit to any errors. Not prone to feelings.
The Republican Party can be synonymous with the word obdurate. I was arguing politics with with Sam. He would not back down on the birther argument on Obama. Well, he is a republican.
by BF'ngC May 02, 2012

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Any person who worships all things police particularly in police brutality incidents.
I got in an argument with fucking Ronald. That badge licker had to defend Darren Wilson for shooting that black kid.
by BF'ngC September 26, 2014

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Noun: a term of endearment, used by wives to describe their husbands in a mildly positive yet humorous manner, suggesting their love for their husband, but also his occasional tendency toward emotional outbursts. Said outbursts may consist of crying, happy tears, getting choked up easily, cursing at other drivers while driving, throwing broken tools (always away from anything important), and generally acting like a heathen on occasion.
Phone conversation...
Wife A: OMG, the husbeastie is out today...
Wife B: Oh crap, what did he do?
Wife A: He's been replacing the brakes on my truck, but then he broke some sort of wrench and started cursing it out...
Wife B: Well did the brakes get fixed?

Wife A: Yup, so his reward will be a beer and a blow job tonight.
Wife B: Well that should cheer him up then.
by BF'ngC November 12, 2018

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The combination of the word legislator with the word hate(r) to form a new word legishater. A legishater is a legislator who sponsors bills against the poor, people of color, women, and alternate sexual orientations. Usually the bills are mired with hate, greed or just plain stupidity.
The sponsors of the North Carolina One Man One Woman Constitutional Amendment are a bunch of Legishaters as the amendment is often touted as they are bunch of gay haters.
by BF'ngC July 10, 2013

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