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A beginner skier or snowboarder who has no clue as to what they're doing on the mountain. They crash all over the place and get in your way. Refered to as a gaper because of the gap between their hat and goggles, also known as a gaper-gap. See also Guppy
I couldn't ski fast because I was too busy dodging all the gapers
by BDP December 09, 2004

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a silly person. Derived from the literary children's masterpeice, Mr. Silly.
There was white stuff falling from the sky
Mr. silly- its custard.

Mr. Happy- thats not custard, you silly bannana
by BDP October 02, 2004

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ultimate put down. epitemy of any insult you want to get across.
hey man ur gay!

yea well your a face!!

damn dude take it easy i don't want no trouble!
by BDP October 01, 2004

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neighborhood in Poway California. it is ungated like the neighboring streets, rendering it bridlehood as opposed to bridlewood.

antonym- the gated
Man i live the gated

Damn your rich i'm from the hood

Thats cool though

by bdp October 04, 2004

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The Boys de poway. A secret society of darring men who will stop at nothing to terrorize the streets of poway.
Dude my house is fucked up!?

Must have been the BDP

Damn, those are some bad ass mother fuckers.
by BDP October 02, 2004

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