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One who has made the decision to transition to the opposite gender, after spending too much time as a member of the Kardashian family
Man #1: Did you hear that former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner is transitioning to a woman?
Man #2: Transgender?
Man #1: No, transjenner!
Man #2: When can we expect the butt-implants?
by BChil February 8, 2015
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(n.) fuh-kyoo The line, or queue, formed outside of a Vietnamese restaurant in anticipation of its noodle soup, also known as pho
Man #1: Dude, I am not going to stand in this pho queue !
Man #2: Fuck you !
Man #1: No. Dude, I said pho queue...
by BChil February 6, 2015
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(n.) a splinter that is so big that it goes all the way through your finger, breaking the skin a second time. It really hurts.
Man #1: "Hey BChil, can you help us get these wooden steps in place in front of the stage?"
BChil: "Sure. I could really use a good compound splinter right about now..."
by BChil June 20, 2015
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BChil - I don't put dead animals and/or the secretions from their ovaries or mammary glands into my mouth hole.
Rendel - Duhvcourse you don't... Why would you? It's not normal.
BChil - Centuries of bad parenting would disagree with you...
by BChil August 20, 2015
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The feeling of uncertainty that arises when you realize that you may not have cleaned your backside properly.
Man #1: "I need to jump back in the shower. I'm feeling a little wipedoubt..."

Man #2: "Rough night last night?"

Man #1: "No. Cheap toilet paper and not enough time."

Man #2: "Huh?"
by BChil April 11, 2012
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