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Something that Jontron doesn't understand.
"Grommet this, grommet that, thE FUCK DOES GROMMET MEAN?"
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by Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy June 18, 2018

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A dead meme. Stop using it.
"Ugandan Knuckles is great"

"Fuck you."
by Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy April 24, 2018

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Other definitions say this word stands for Pretty, hot, and tempting, but I believe it actually stands for Pretty, Hot, and Thick, or Pretty, Hot, and Thicc.
"I'm phat."
"What? You're not fat."
"No! I'm Pretty, Hot, and Thicc."
"Oh! Too bad this isn't the freaking 80's. Stop using that word.
by Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy December 19, 2017

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