Britney Spears along freedom, bacon and pancakes are the most precious national treasures!
by PopGuru August 20, 2015
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a badass bitch who needs to be free!! #freebritney btw
she’s worked so hard for what she has to only get it taken away from her by her “team” and her dumbass father jamie spears. she loves her children, she loves her friends and family (mostly), and she LOVES her fans!! she is a woman who absolutely needs her life back and we’ll (the b army) keep fighting for it!! this shouldn’t be a debate, it’s a life we’re talking about and it’s the legendary ms britney spears for god damn sake! let our queen b go and let her live!!

we love you and are fighting for you brit <3
britney spears

did you see britney’s latest post on instagram?
oh yea um she’s not well rn.
by no bitches allowed October 3, 2020
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The most unproblematic celebrity you will ever meet. She is very beautiful and very kind.
Gemma: Wow have you seen Britney Spears new Instagram post?

Ellie: Yeah I have she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Gemma: I know right!
by Donotspeaktome August 7, 2020
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A singer that asks people to hit her
Britney Spears: hit me baby one more time
Man: ok *slap*
Britney Spears: ow I’m calling the police
Man: what? You just told me to hit you...
by Kidswillbekids May 26, 2019
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Whilst having sex doggy-style, pulling out a set of hair clippers and shaving your partners head.
After she cheated on me, My ex called for some ex-sex. I britney speared her and sent her packing to her new boy-toy
by Mykie G April 9, 2010
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the best singer who womanised me so hard i'm a transwoman :)
Person 1:i need to get somewhere but google says it will take 10 mins and i need to be there in 5!
Person 2 (the better one) : don't worry just listen to Britney spears and walk... you'll be there in 2 mins !!!
by cElLo+cat= mY lIFe December 25, 2022
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a girl who would do almost anything to always get attention.
"Look at Lia acting like a britney spears with her pink lacy thong wrapped around her left ankle."
by Kirk Lawrence July 3, 2006
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