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Bullshit non-apology
The presenter gave a bnap.
by Axelsword August 24, 2019
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"Fuck you" money, a back-up source of living expenses for situations when main revenue dries up, especially because of social reasons like Youtube demonetizing the whole channel.
Put aside some FY money to be able to remain objective and walk out if an employer forces a bad deal.
by Axelsword September 7, 2019
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The attention is drawn away and the mind loses focus by an external event.
Soldiers experience cognitive blink when they don't execute new orders.
A deer stops and stares because he is evaluating the threat level of another deer during mating season.
A painter goes through his paint buckets in the garage to decide which ones have become useless or dried out, but then stops and searches his surroundings because of suspicious noise that sounded like a rat.
by Axelsword August 24, 2019
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Slight delay before consequences manifest. First used in looney tunes cartoon "road runner", but is also an effective tool in video game design.
Madeline can jump a few frames after going over the edge of a platform (Celeste video game). This is called coyote time where characters run off platforms and keep sprinting in mid-air.
by Axelsword October 24, 2019
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