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When you dress like a clown, smile, and put on a glove, then give it to a kid. You gave him a "happy clown glove"
I gave my girlfriends little brother a happy clown glove. Now i gets laid alllllll the time.
by Astrovan May 11, 2004

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el cool. like polar bears toe-nails.
Astrovan just did my whole familyyyyyy, and they loved it!!! EVEN GRAAAAAAANDMA. So astro, go astro.
by Astrovan May 13, 2004

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Off of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, little extremely smart alien creatures with huge asses. I always call big assed hoes station, and alot of times i just holla it out for no reason.
big assed hoe.....STATION!!!!!
by Astrovan May 14, 2004

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