4 definitions by Astor

1. In SSBM pressing the L button just before landing after doing an A move in the air. Results in an extremely fast recovery, so that another move can be done after landing without delay.

2. Among SSBM players, a term used when telling someone to try to undo something, or to try to stop doing something.
1. Because I L cancelled, I was able to hit the fox player before he recoverd from the previous hit.

2. Person 1: oh shit! I accidentally sent my girlfriend a text message saying I want to break up!
PErson 2: You better L cancel that shit!
by Astor May 22, 2005
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Sthavir is am amazing good looking hot gentlemen who is a very hot tempered person by nature but tries his best to control his temper
by Astor September 21, 2021
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In SSBM pressing the A button in the air while holding no direction with the directional stick. Results in a neutral kick in the air that can out-prioritize directional A moves in the air by an opponent.

NOTE: Does not necessarily produce a "kick" with all characters, but still makes a neutral move.

Also known as "neutral kick" or "sex kick".
Stupid fag level 9 Mario always gets me with his gay plumber kick!!
by Astor May 22, 2005
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Short for "Out Of Stater"
Term used on forums or instant messagin conversations when talking about someone who came from another state.
CFTS123: so whos sleepin in ur house tonite?
fff3210x: i dont kno
fff3210c: some random ooser
by Astor May 22, 2005
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