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In Undertale: A term describing a form of death where your SOUL merges back together after being destroyed, thus making it impossible to die whilst fighting Asriel, God of Hyperdeath.
Otherwise: A form of death that strengthens your soul.
(can't think of sentence for Hyperdeath)
by ArminArlert August 25, 2017
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Definition 1: A billionaire who has a fear of Mexico, Mexicans, and Mexican culture.

Definition 2: Likely to be the most used swear word of the 22nd Century.
Use 1: Dear Mr. Trump,

Walls don't work. Anybody from the Attack on Titan fandom knows that.

Use 2: (2100, A.D.) Let's go, guys. This kids such a Donald Trump.
by ArminArlert August 8, 2017
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The tiny green creature below is a common source of megalomania.
by ArminArlert August 27, 2017
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