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when you feel like there are tears in your eyes just waiting to happen. You feel really grateful for life and everything the least bit nostalgic, romantic, sad or beautiful can effortlessly release those tears.
No matter what I watch or do, it seems to bring a tear to my eye. I've been cryish all day.
by Armand Angelina May 25, 2015

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pronounced Pluhseebuzz...an experience of light-headedness experienced while drinking non-alcoholic beverages that taste like alcoholic beverages.
Wow, after drinking that O'douls beer, I caught a placebuzz.
by Armand Angelina April 03, 2008

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a person that is not a nudist except when swimming, at the beach or in a hottub.
John is a true nudist, where his aquanude wife only gets nude in public when swimming.
by Armand Angelina June 02, 2009

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A fusion of Classical, Popular and World influences designed to unite humanity through music.
Sarah Brightman's world popera songs make classical music more available to the mainstream public.
by Armand Angelina April 11, 2006

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A fusion of classical and popular influences designed to unite humanity through music.
Sarah Brightman has done a wonderful job of exposing popera to the public.
by Armand Angelina March 04, 2006

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Nickname for golden doodle breed of dog
I love golden retrievers and I love poodles but I think I love gadoodles best
by Armand Angelina June 20, 2020

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