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The Q-Anon Bullet is a logo that includes the Q-Anon logo and a spade. Some people have mistakenly called this the Queen of Spades Anon, which it is NOT. The spade is supposed to be an Ace of Spades (also referred to as the "death card" or the "Bullet").

Q-Anon Bullet is worn by someone considered elite in the Q-Anon movement. It is for doing something above and beyond the average supporter. It does NOT necessarily mean that the person did something illegal, but MOST LIKELY it was done "off the books."

It does NOT mean a Q-Anon member who is attracted sexually to black men.

By bearing a close resemblance and possibly being mistaken for the Queen of Spades, or showing their affiliation with Q-Anon, the person wearing the symbol is going to be someone who can hold their own and not to be messed with. Many times these people have elite backgrounds in law enforcement, military, intelligence services, militias, fire fighters, EMS, etc. They can also be ordinary people who have done extraordinary feats.

It may be displayed as a piece of jewelry, a (bumper) sticker, a tattoo, or in some other manner. Its main purpose is to identify the person as an elite member to other Q-Anon members. If the elite act was carried out by a team of people, all the members may get the same display (jewelry, tattoo, etc.) as a commemorative of the "mission" they carried out.

This is NOT a symbol of racism, insurrection, etc., just as the Black Lives Matter (fist) logo is not any of these either.
The Q-Anon Bullet he wore around his neck on a chain told me that he was more than just a supporter; he has "gotten his hands dirty" and you don't want to mess with him.
by Arch Bagger January 18, 2021
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Unabomber (sexual) - When you are fucking your girlfriend at a sex party with a strap on in the missionary position, and as she sinks into the ecstasy of the moment she closes her eyes and stretches her arms above her head. Then when no one is looking, the short skinny guy who is wearing the hoodie all zipped up and acting all paranoid, pulls his penis out of his pants and drops his package (penis) in her hand without asking her or letting her know that it was coming.
I was banging my girlfriend at party, very much into each other and the moment when this guy gave her right hand a unabomber.
by Arch Bagger June 17, 2022
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This is a sexual maneuver was made popular in Baltimore, at fetish house parties. One person kneels on a pool table on all four, while a second person works the thick end of a pool stick in their ass like a dildo. After getting off the person on all four a couple times, things are "loosened up there." The second person then gets up on the pool table, laying on their back, they slide between the legs of the person on all four (from behind). The person on all four then takes a shit in their mouth.
We watched that freaky guy get a "Shayna in the side pocket" from a tranny in the pool room at the house party.
by Arch Bagger October 8, 2019
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This is a form of puppy play that is much more ritualistic and has a surprise ending. This is all about control and humiliation of the puppy sub. The sub is usually naked and the dom either is wearing standard dominatrix gear or something with a canine reference such as a Cruella de Vil costume.

It starts with dom having the puppy sub sit on the floor, at attention. The dom then places a bib on the puppy (this is a move taken from adult baby play). The puppy is preferably on a collar and leash.

While still sitting on the floor, the dom then empties a can of spaghetti (the long noodles) in to a dog's food dish or other suitable bowl. The dom proceeds to cut the spaghetti into bite sized pieces for the puppy (another maneuver taken from adult baby play). The dom then cleans the puppy's face with the bib.

The puppy is then fed the bowl of food. Afterwards, the puppy may be offered a bowl of water to cleanse the pallet for the surprise ending. The puppy at this point may be walked around or otherwise played with. The puppy is then lead onto a drop cloth, outside, into a tub, or shower.

The dom then will urinate on the puppy.Ideally the puppy will take the urine orally, like a dog lapping water from a hose in the yard. At this point, the scene has basically ended and the puppy will clean up for their next BDSM scene.
He has to wash up before the next BDSM scene, as he is all sticky from his mistress giving him a Ballerina Barker Bowl.
by Arch Bagger December 12, 2019
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