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A process that erases all of the data on a computer's hard drive.
Damn! I had over 50 gigs of GILF porn until my computer fucked up and I had to format my hard drive.

Its GILF porn time! Oh yeah, I forgot I had to format my hard drive. FUCK! I HAVE NO REASON TO LIVE NOW!
by anonymous69 December 15, 2005
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The actual clean form of the word "Fuck". Use just like the letter F and in notes and writings as the letter F as well. Asteriks (*) can be used in the writing to differeniate between wanting to say Fuck and the letter F.
Alan: Dude, you just spilled pop all over my carpet.
Llloooll: F me, I'm sorry.
Alan: Eh, F it.
by anonymous69 January 28, 2006
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The feeling you get just before you show off your rock fingers (devil sign) \m/
Some people like to scream out the word when they do that sign.
Candice: Metallica Rocks!
Tash: MOKEY! *Rock Fingers*
by Anonymous69 September 09, 2006
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