A friend that you've known since day 1 (best friends since you were children or early on in your life.)
I'm about to go chill with my day 1 niggas
by kennyg2 April 5, 2016
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The worst day of school someone could possibly have. It's the day where the classes beat your ass and you have to pay attention. Hard classes that will sodomize you and defecate in your mouth.
It was Saturday, then i started thinking about a day 1, so i shit my pants and vomitted uncontrollably. /cry
by Snaps October 2, 2003
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A friend who hasn’t switched up since the day you’ve met them
I’d choose her over him cuz she’s my day 1
by Badbitchhh_xooox_ July 20, 2019
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Someone that's always been there for you, since day one
Aye, step off that's my day 1 you're talking about he's always been there for me that's my A1 day 1 man!
by gmartinn July 2, 2015
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A day 1 homie is a friend you had since forever
Don't do anything stupid your a day 1 homie
by fatty og March 27, 2017
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Looking for a ride or die G? Go to BitClout.com and find @ASG, he’s my A1 Day 1
by @cleb May 10, 2021
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Always been real, since the beginning.
I don't have to front or fake, because I've been A 1 since day 1.
by TPAPA January 21, 2015
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