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The act of being killed exceeding quickly. Standardly 1 shot. But in games lacking an 'instagib rifle' (or even anything resembling a gun) is usually taken to mean death in <1-2 seconds.
Unreal: The server had instagib enabled last night. Twas so chaotic my head was reeling after a few rounds.

Battlefield: That guy killed me as soon as I turned the corner.

Defense Of The Ancients: Care man, they will instagib you if you go too far alone.
by Anno-Mus September 17, 2010

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Originally a bastardization of =/ and =S

Now generally taken for a 'bah/confused/unsure' emotion. Some times directed at the other party(s) and not the speaker.
Zack: Whats wrong with C++?
Owen: Nothing really... just bad memories from school keep me from liking it.
Zack: =Z

Vance: This thing is driving me nuts...
Vance: Any ideas?
Roger: No.
Vance: =Z
by Anno-Mus March 14, 2010

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Good Hunting/Good Hunt'n
GL and GH (good luck and good hunt'n)
by Anno-Mus January 08, 2008

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Away From Game

Another mutation of AFK
I got some HW to do so; AFG
by Anno-Mus October 09, 2007

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To Tell The Truth

It is a seldom used chat/forum abbreviation
I never heard of it till just now TTTT
by Anno-Mus June 21, 2007

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