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Stands for Instant Giblets, referring to one-hit kills in FPS games where the victim is instantly turned into 'giblets', or explodes.

Originated in Quake II and made popular in Unreal Tournament.
I took out my instagib rifle and limbs started flying when I started gibbing all around.
by Zopiac April 11, 2009
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Online Gaming Term.

1) A players health is such that upon being killed in a multiplayer game they explode into many gibs and giblets (peices of simulated flesh and gore). (Quake 1)

2) A game mode where every weapon (usually only a hitscan railgun/ASMD) instantly kills the player in one shot. (Started in Quake 2 and popularised as a mutator in Unreal Tournament)

3) Finding yourself at the bottom of a chasm/lava/force field and being instantly turned into gibs when you touch the bottom.
I was playng instagib the other day when I totally owned some guys when they lined up and I instagib'ed 4 people in a row!

So I was running around and a spammed a rocket into a door and it slapped this poor sucker in the face. I then jumped off the top of the level and instagibbed him with my railgun as I was falling. Dont think he had time to blink!
by MessyCorpse February 08, 2009
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An action whereby a person can be killed in a single hit in Unreal Tournament.
God damn it I hate fucking instagib, turn it off!
by teknokracy July 28, 2003
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To kill something in one shot / burst of damage. Usually used in PvP games to describe a player who died instantly.
Did you see me insta-gib that warrior? Haha I blew that kid up.
by tanner13921 July 07, 2012
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The act of being killed exceeding quickly. Standardly 1 shot. But in games lacking an 'instagib rifle' (or even anything resembling a gun) is usually taken to mean death in <1-2 seconds.
Unreal: The server had instagib enabled last night. Twas so chaotic my head was reeling after a few rounds.

Battlefield: That guy killed me as soon as I turned the corner.

Defense Of The Ancients: Care man, they will instagib you if you go too far alone.
by Anno-Mus September 17, 2010
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