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A foul, angry, or rude mood; negative personality; a term to describe a person who makes others miserable or is a drag to be around. Used most especially to describe a person who is routinely one of the above.
"Man, that Sharon has one baditude. Does she ever smile?"
Or, "Is he having a bad day, or has he got a baditude?"
by Ankle Rub May 31, 2009

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pronounced toe fool
A flamboyant vegetarian, one who doesn't stop at simply placing an order for a menu item, but insists upon analyzing and discussing (loudly) various health food options, vegan alternatives, etc., all in an effort to impress those around him/her with his vast storehouse of knowledge on the subject
Dude- shut up and order! No one cares how much you know about sprouts! You're acting like a complete toful.
by Ankle Rub July 10, 2008

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When the comversation dwells on health food or a suggestion for a healthier alternative to one's choice for a meal.
"So I was just about to bite into my Big Mac, when this chick starts chive talkin' me on salad!"
by Ankle Rub May 09, 2008

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