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A cunning and calculating person, male or female, with the keen and innate ability to enter a conversation, and twist the focus of the subject entirely on them.

There are two sub-categories of this:
1) The Drama Queen, who does this with the intent of being the center of attention and usually not for the lulz.

2) The Sociopathic Loner, who does this simply because they don't know how else to respond in such a context.

3) The Narcissistic Ass, who does it just because they are bored with a conversation that does not involve their own experiences.
Normal Jackoff: "Hey, I got a new cat today, she's so cute!"

Drama Whore: "Oh really? Is she a tabby? I used to have a tabby, back in 2006, but he died. I remember how he started getting old and fat, and could cough a lot and start staring at me when I tried to poke him instead of blublublublubluh bluh bluh..."
by Andariel Halo January 12, 2009

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When some jive-ass turkey tries to talk over you, you lay down a tart "NIGGA HUSH!"
"I killed your ass, foo!"
"You cheated, assface!"
"Nigga hush!!!"
by Andariel Halo December 14, 2008

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Amalgamation of "shit" and "meat", animal tissue engineered in a petri dish, sponsored by PETA, supposedly with the aim of replacing meat for consumption.
"Shmeat is such a horrible name, it sounds like what you get when you cross shit and meat." -- cdog, offalgood.com article comment

"If it looks like an egg yolk made of blood, it's shmeat"
by Andariel Halo March 17, 2009

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When a group of people (on foot or in cars) move very slowly in a straight line, either side by side or one in front of the other, holding you up in some way or another.
Dammit, I'm late for a foot appointment and I need to cross this intersection, but these three cars are on a retard parade so I have to wait until the red light!
by Andariel Halo April 07, 2010

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