18 definitions by Amelia

Mostly hang around on street corners wear short skirts, skimpy tops.
Sleep around or get around. Spends money they earn on drugs and drink or even fags. Seen them hanging around down easton or eastville.
Dirty slags should be shot our council tax gets spent on them whores!
Example: Slags Skets tramps whore sluts or even get arounds!
by Amelia February 14, 2005
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a woman who was a the lead singer of the band hole. is actually a very good singer and an attractive woman. hole amkes good music and she is an inspiration to all gemale rockers. we could do with more like her. she may or may not have killed her husband kurt kobain (nirvana) but we cannot prove it. there are some suspicious things about his death but you cant prove that she killed him
stop being such bastards. even if she killed him, her music fucking rocks andyou shouldnt be calling her a ugly, skanky whore because of it.
by amelia June 02, 2005
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To put it simply, someone who is the pwn (owns other people) or who thinks they are anyway.
I pWn j00 4ll! ph3aR ME!
by amelia October 11, 2004
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People that wear designer clothes, mostly white burbury stuff, attack people for fun and listen to rap music. They have a laugnuage all to themselves and hate others from other groups, such as greebos.
'Yo innit lyke, safe man, i own my crew!!!'
by amelia October 11, 2004
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