20 definition by All girls know Long Pole Joe

When you think about yourself and your fake friends more than your kids.

Years tend to go by and no one will marry you. Due to the fact that the bar life was your hangout.

This is a sad day for many when Kristy wakes up in her 40's too realize that the bar life was all that mattered.

Don't forget about Joe that loved you the most.
Palmer: Why has nobody married Kristy?

Dan: Dude she can't keep her legs closed!

Palmer: That's what happens when you think that the bar life is got you by the balls.
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A troll that's a butthole sniffer. Having long hair and a fat butterball face.
Hey look guys it Mike and Shaggy playing cornhole.

You need to shave your shaggy balls.
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Jimmy Holbert was first used in the early 1990's to describe a worthless drugs addict.

Meth mouth is a good sign or this useless dirtbag.
Hey man you are not going to be able to get a good woman because your a Jimmy Holbert.

Grow some balls Jimmy Holbert!!
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The term comes from loose toilet paper particles. Clinging to the butthairs and ballhair. From rapid movement trying to remove pudding skins after taking a poop or hairy hurdler.

During this pandemic the use of cheap toilet paper has been the go-to choice for many.
The shelves been stripped of all paper products. Leaving only lower quality bargain store brands.

Hey Jimmy was eating Kristy and said she had Lint Balls.

Mommy calls dingle berrys Lint Balls.
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The actual term used by Dehner to inhale the seeping gasses that escape the butthole.

Most often while doing the 69 or rusty trombone.
Palmer was caught Fart Sniffing Kristy on her wedding night.

Sean and Nicole take turns Fart Sniffing while sitting at No Worries.
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Is used to describe a big nose that looks like a baboons or gorilla. The size is comparable to a softball or bowling pin.
Hey look at Jamie's Holbert Nose! Damn dawg she looks like Marie her mom. I think she looks like a witch!!

That's the ugliest tranny inbreeding experiment in Ross Ohio. Yep....that family has a bad reputation and Holbert Nose.
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