The top Band in most high schools. All players must audition for this Band, and there is limited seating. Mostly consisted of kids that only listen to classical music, practice about four hours a day, and go to All-State every year.
music band marching band symphonic band concert band band camp wind ensemble
by Ella Dragonetti October 14, 2013
Noun - A militaristic performance bootcamp built for the sole purpose of drilling music into the heads of once wonderful students.
Wind Ensemble is the inferior band.
Wind Ensemble is torture, whereas Symphonic is paradise.

Wind Ensemble Kid: Aw dam I wish I was in Symphonic Band, it’s so much better.
by Americairo May 20, 2020
THE Wind Ensemble is a term which is applied to a large group of musicians who gather together to bless the outside world with their incredible creation of musical fusion. One of the most known Wind Ensemble's is that which is at Eagan High School. According to many critics, this ensemble is better than most college bands.
Matt: Simon which ensemble did you make this year?

Simon: Just as I did last year, I earned a place in THE Wind Ensemble

Andy: Same here!
by trombone69 November 1, 2011
A gathering of four or more friends or acquaintances who suffer from extraordinary flatulance.
I'll think we'll skip the foul wind ensemble tonight if we serve something other than chili.