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female breasts tits knockers
Me Julie have some big babylons
by Ali G July 21, 2003

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Better than winner. Superior to all. No competition whatsoever.
"I am the winnest!" OR "The winnest of this game is him"
by Ali G January 20, 2005

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When your property is stolen /pyked Chaved
Rozzi : O wow that was really fun wasnt it guys!
Chels : Yeh lemme just get me fone out n take a piccy of y'all ..
Rozzi : Yeh good idea.Get mine out n all
by ali g December 22, 2004

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the part between your balls and your ass.
girl: Wow look at your gimon its so brown
boy: yes i know i forgot 2 wipe
by ali g February 27, 2005

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A noun which pertains to an elderly person, usually with gray hair, driving an automobile with knuckles clenched on the wheel and forhead aligned to the dashboard, and a craning neck to look over the wheel, all done while driving far below the speed limit.
That old Grip was going 35 on the freeway.
by Ali G October 28, 2003

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A bird-like cheesy crippled woman, with a hunchback and wings, who flies around, and lands on wheels like a plane. Usually homeless and lives in caves.
Damn you're an ugly hood rat!
by Ali G December 08, 2004

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