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A slang term for a salvia trip. This is due to the fact that after smoking salvia, a trip lasts for approximately 5 minutes but is so intense that it can be compared to being in Wonderland.
Man, I scored some 50x for real cheap from the head shop downtown. We're going to get together tonight and have 5 minutes in Wonderland.
by AlexeiTheTroll March 6, 2011
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A common trolling destination where one can talk anonymously with a mormon missionary. Common activities include:

-Rick Rolling
-Asking How Magnets Work
-Making Fun of Jesus
Welcome to mormon.org chat.
A missionary will be with you shortly.
Agent Clarice is ready to assist you.

Clarice: Hello, how may I help you?
Me: Is it true your god was nailed to a cross?
Clarice: The Son of God was nailed to a cross, yes.
Me: That's funny, because my God, the Norse Thunder God Thor, wields a giant hammer.
Me: Coincidence?
The Chat Session Has Ended.
by AlexeiTheTroll November 17, 2010
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A phrase famously used by hipsters to show their musical elitism, even though less than 5% of them actually have a record player.
Normal guy: Dude, Dark Side of the Moon is an AMAZING album.

Hipster: I have it on vinyl.

Normal guy: Do you even have a record player?

Hipster: ...No. But you know. It's got soul.

Normal guy: Whatever.
by AlexeiTheTroll January 20, 2011
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To shut down the internet in an attempt to restore order and regain control. Coined from Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak's attempt to silence the Egyptian people during the 2011 Egyptian riots.
"Pull a Mubarak": The school administrators realized that we'd been using the computers to do non work-related tasks like checking Facebook and playing games, so they pulled a Mubarak on us all.
by AlexeiTheTroll February 14, 2011
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