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An individual who believes in new age philosophy. Derives its name from Deepak Chopra, new age guru.
I new he was a Deepak as soon as he talked about acupuncture and balancing the chakras.
by Alexander the Great June 18, 2006
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a hobo that sucks dick for crack money. These are common around the U.K.
visiting the U.K. i found quite a few of these, and hobo or crackhead just didn't seem like enough.
Look mommy! it's a shitehead! may i give it money?
Not until you're 18 sweetie.
by Alexander The Great March 04, 2005
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a group of only the most elite alcoholics who enjoy being under the influence. You must be extremly cool and not part of club outragious.
"Congrrrratulations!!! you're part of CLUB AWESOME"
by Alexander the Great July 18, 2004
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1. the best game ever for XBOX
2. the best shooting game ever
3. unlikely to be topped in either of those categories
4. High Altitude, Low Opening
5. see also halo 2

halo 2 - highly disappointing sequel to the critically aclaimed bestselling game - Halo
I'm gonna pwn u in Halo, biotch.
by Alexander the Great February 03, 2005
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Mostly found in Communist China or Soviet Union, the "Red Carl" is the glorious act of taking a bloody, squirting, hole burning shit onto the face of a partner. Covering both the mouth and eyes.
Jon: Hey keith, that red carl you gave malloy was amazing.
Keith: Why thank you Jonathan i had been saving that one up for 3 weeks. I really think malloy enjoyed it.
Malloy: Keith, your red carl made me want more, how about now....
by Alexander the Great March 24, 2005
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