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A Term used to describe the appearance of another person's face, whilst on an illegal substance.
Also used to describe the appearance of someone's old/weathered face, quite obviously due to a lifetime of Drink/Drug use.
"Mate you're bashface!"


"check out that bashface!"
by Al Phillips September 07, 2007

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A fictional illness or syndrom made up by the Bashface Crew to describe 2 meanings:

1) To explain how you're feeling after a session of taking illegal substances, or after going to a rave, or to describe "a comedown"

2) An illness which causes a certain type of person to turn into a complete social hermit,obsessed with never leaving home, whilst smoking copious amounts of cannabis, and talking like a freak to girls on msn.
"Jacks Got Chronic bash Syndrome so badly today"


"I feel Chronic Bash mate"
by Al Phillips December 30, 2007

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A collective group of friends, that after taking much amusement in the "chav" culture of today have decided to call themselves a "crew".
Closely connected to the term "Bashface",due to a joint enjoyment in indulging in illegal substances.
Choosing the colour purple on bandanas is also represented( a mix of the blood and cryp gang culture in america).
But Overall, they're quite a lovely bunch of Bashfaces!
"Big up the "Bashface Crew!"
by Al Phillips December 30, 2007

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Another immature yet mildly amusing term created by the bashface crew.
Initially a nickname given to a younger crew member, the term has grown from strength to strength due to its increase in use.
The term describes a person who, either wants/needs/(is hungry for!) to take illegal substances, and due to this hunger,they become obsessed and attached to many aspects of the drug such as people,raves,staying over at peoples houses for extended lengths of time etc!
It is overall a joking, yet mildy undermeaning term.
"Good Evening (Hungry) Hippos, how are we all ?"


"Who was that on the phone?"
"Oh it Was some hungry hippos!"
by al phillips February 02, 2008

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Quite simply, an acronym for Chronic Bash Syndrome
"you got the CBS big time today"
by Al Phillips December 30, 2007

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Quite simply, an Acronym for the Bashface Crew!
"Hold tight the BFC!"
by Al Phillips December 30, 2007

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