1. A person who refuses to leave the house and has only seen daylight on nature programs

2. Someone who plays warhammer or dungeons and dragons

3. That friend of yours that is never to be seen because he is pussy whipped

3. The type of people you find in comic book stores
Guy1: "Man that guy never leaves the house"
Guy2: "Yeah, thats cuz he's a social hermit"
Guy3: "Indeed"

by badg3rs August 27, 2008
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A person who spends so much time on social networking websites that they never actually leave the house.
Bob: Have you heard from Frank?
Gerard: Yeah, he wrote on my wall the other day.
Bob: Oh, well have you seen him around lately?
Gerard: No, he's too much of a social hermit.
by cyanideyoudrank December 13, 2009
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