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Timelord Rock.

Timelord rock, if you haven't already guessed, is music about Doctor Who. Yes, there are people out there who love that fictional TV program so much that they write music about it. (I am not one of those people, but that is only because I am quite honestly tone deaf. I would if I could.)

Notably the best music ever.

(Nerds only)
Chameleon Circuit. The band that gave Trok a name. The members: Charlie Mcdonnell (vocals and guitar); Alex Day(vocals, guitar and backing vocals); Liam Dryden (vocals), and Chris Beattie (vocals and guitar). Signed to the record label; DFTBA. Don't forget to be awesome.
by Adric October 29, 2010

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Being sure that people are trying to annoy you!
David was sure someone was watching him and making him have to stop at every light, he hated those people, but perhaps he was just being parra-annoyed
by adric August 05, 2014

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something deeply warming and soothing to listen to.
The new Leonard Cohen album, is wonderful, its like a belt of fine ear scotch!
by adric September 21, 2016

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