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Another word for a person's virginity.
When can i get a crack at that ughton mifflin?
by Adam Tyne May 26, 2008

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Children of the Mennonites. Known for being very mystical. Typical attributes include small body frames, morbid bashfulness and an extreme curiosity towards electronics, most notably, televisions. It is widely accepted that the only way to break the stare of a minnow is to stare back with the intensity of wolverine. Thus rendering their power useless.
Yesterday, a large group of minnows caught me off guard while i attempted to sell a tv.
by Adam Tyne September 14, 2006

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Jolly state of mind.
I had a flueggin tyne of a good day.
by Adam Tyne September 08, 2006

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Microscopic town in central oklahoma. Population: 400? If that.
Hey, we just drove into Paden. Oh wow, we're now leaving Paden too.
by Adam Tyne September 20, 2006

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